Your consulting format for an agile era

Through the unique combination of energy industry expertise and methodological competence, we get the best out of you. We work towards a common understanding in your team. Is your focus the development of innovations, strategies or new business models? Do you want to take your sales to a new level? Or would you like to grow your team or your organisation? 

What exactly is "coachulting" – further education or management consultancy in the energy industry?

In our consulting approach coachulting we combine:

  • topic-specific data and knowledge transfer with
  • modern methodological competence from agile coaching and
  • traditional consulting.

For more than 18 years, we have been using interactive consulting formats to develop solutions that fit your goals and needs. In doing so, we deliberately focus on the transformation of the players in the energy markets.

Your advantage: The modular structure of our coachulting approach offers you maximum freedom – whether in innovation, strategy and business model development, organisational and team development or sales optimisation.

Agile methods support the success of your company.

Agile methods are good tools. However, they only unfold their potential:

  • with the right amount of freedom,
  • the authentic ability to communicate in a team,
  • the right inner attitude to act responsibly and in an organised way,
  • and the desire to learn and develop.

You can read more about our understanding of agile working in the Energy BrainBlog.

Learn agile working in a workshop

The goal of agile organisations is to adapt more quickly to market and customer needs. Before we talk about topics such as new business models in the energy industry, products or services, we start at the bottom: What is the working culture and mindset in your company? Therefore we have designed a workshop to learn more about agile working.

Are you curious about what can be achieved with a coachulting workshop? Feel free to contact us.

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Tobias Kurth

General Manager
Product Owner Coachulting

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Use Case
Coachulting in practice

You are an energy supplier and you want to improve customer loyalty in the business sector. In order to do this, you would like to train the various people in charge. This includes various sales departments and the back office.


The aim is to develop a common understanding of customer needs and to work out concrete measures to inspire customers. A joint workshop is a good starting point: teams are particularly successful in sales when their actions are based on shared values and a common team identity. Therefore, we first work with you on these essential basics.

In the second step, we analyse which behaviour and processes in the team lead to the desired goal. To do this, we give impulses, collect best practice examples and work out strengths as well as weaknesses. From the optimisation ideas and recommendations for action, we develop a "code of conduct" that supports everyone in living this in everyday life


At the end of the workshop series, your team has developed a cross-departmental understanding of the "why", "how" and "what". You have well defined what the purpose and goal of your sales activity is. This includes your ten principles for achieving customer loyalty and checklists to get there. As these are based on the knowledge and experience of your team and on your shared values, they are easy and quick to implement in everyday work.

"Energy Brainpool has been supporting us for years with customized in-house seminars and interactive workshops on strategic and operational issues. We are particularly impressed by the combination of professional expertise and methodological competence."
Sebastian Sladek, Board Member at EWS Elektrizitätswerke Schönau eG
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