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We quantify the energy transition, renewables make it feasible

What is the economic viability of marketing electricity from my renewable energy system? Are investments in flexibility, new plant configurations or plant locations worthwhile? With our market analyses, we provide you with a comprehensive offer to help you make the best decision.

Revenue assessment for your plant using power price scenarios

Using power price scenarios, we simulate the electricity market revenues of your renewable energy system. You can evaluate these revenues using the capture prices for wind and PV from the Energy Brain Reports for the EU-27, UK, Switzerland and Norway. On your request, your own market valuation can be included in the modelling.

Price risk analysis with power price scenario swarms

Whether baseload PPAs for individual assets, risk assessment for your asset portfolio or evaluation as well as optimisation of fixed-price contracts – with the help of our price risk analyses, you can identify risks and opportunities on the market and thus make well-founded decisions.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Would you like advice on your options for action or do you need an independent price assessment? We have been analysing, advising, and training on the subject of PPAs for many years.

Matching online events

Whether evaluation of RE projects or direct marketing of renewable energies – in the open energy market seminars you will receive databased insights into the topics and answers to your questions.

Energy market data

Good data is the basis for successful business on the energy markets. We have been collecting a large amount of energy market data as a basis for our market analyses since 2003. Benefit from the processed data for the evaluation of the economic viability of renewable energies.

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