Savings potential by optimising your electricity procurement strategy

Does your industrial company have high-energy consumption? Then we are your contact for the necessary energy market knowledge for potential savings. Our experts will advise you on suitable offers.

Power price development until 2060

With different report structures, data depths, single retrievals, full or limited subscriptions – the Energy BrainReports for the EU-27, UK, Switzerland and Norway, provide you with well-founded reports on the power price development.

Price risk analysis with power price scenario swarms

With the help of our power price scenario swarms, you can identify risks and opportunities on the market on time and thus make informed decisions.

Energy market data

Identify future market developments at an early stage and successfully evaluate assets and (PPA) contracts, investment and financing decisions and market stability. On request, you will receive the weekly-modelled wholesale power prices for European countries based on the current forward market prices for commodity prices and CO2 prices. Capture prices of renewable energies are also included.

Energy market training courses

Build relevant industry knowledge. In the open seminars, you will receive data-based insights and answers to your questions on energy industry topics. We recommend the further education Battery storage in the electricity market.

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