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More studies and analysis about current topics of the energy industry like energy market design, the development of electricity prices and price components as well as the influences of renewable energies in the study directory.



Blog by Energy Brainpool GmbH & Co. KG

18. March 2020

The entire new electricity generation in China during 2019 amounted to 330 TWh. Renewables in China made up a larger part of the additional...

11. March 2020

Summary: Electricity generation from coal-fired power plants in the EU has fallen sharply in 2019, with implications for CO2-emissions. In...

02. March 2020

This analysis examines the current scenario frameworks for the German gas and electricity network development plans, especially with regard to...

26. February 2020

Price limits for maximum prices In October 2017, the high price peaks for balancing power  (please see blogpost part 1). After that the Federal...