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More studies and analysis about current topics of the energy industry like energy market design, the development of electricity prices and price components as well as the influences of renewable energies in the study directory.



Blog by Energy Brainpool GmbH & Co. KG

16. February 2021

The results of the first auction in January 2021 revealed strike prices on a record-breaking scale for both wind and solar. Will this put...

12. February 2021

The Covid 19 pandemic has significantly shaped the course of the energy industry in 2020. Due to social and economic constraints, electricity...

28. January 2021

Compared to the earlier renewable energy act the expansion plans have been increased. Figure 1 shows the current capacities of renewable energies...

12. January 2021

This year, more electric vehicles than ever before were registered in Germany. This trend has been observed since the beginning of the year. But...

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